nil or #nil?

Tim Olson tim at
Thu Aug 27 21:20:03 UTC 1998

>In a message dated 8/25/98 11:35:36 PM, you wrote:
><<I didn't know that "#1 == 1".
>I suspect that most folks fall into that camp. Currently in Squeak, # 
>means "literal quotation", and any literal which is quoted simply returns 
>that literal>>
>Whoa! Where have I been? 
>I was not aware of this difference and I TRY to pay close attention. If you
>can't use # to create a new Symbol, what do you use?

Only identifiers and keywords (i.e. <letter>{<letter>|<digit>| $:}) can 
be quoted with # to create a Symbol.  If you want to create a symbol from 
something that isn't an identifier, such as 1, you have to use "asSymbol".

The key point here is that # means "Literal Quotation", not "as Literal 

     -- tim

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