Browser Autolabeling

Maurice Rabb m3rabb at
Wed Aug 26 01:40:15 UTC 1998

I often have a million Browsers open while I work.  To manage the space, I
iconify the windows.  Unfortunately, it is a pain to tell one iconified
window from another without renaming the window.  As much as I jump around
from message to message, and from class to class, it is a pain to keep the
window labels up to date ... until now.

The Browser Autolabeler ChangeSet automatically keeps the standard and
hierarchical browser window labels up to date.  The labels include category
info when appropriate.  It also makes Cmd-H create a HierarchyBrowser on
the selected text.

The code is temporarily at:



  Maurice Rabb    773.281.6003    Stono Technologies, LLC    Chicago, USA

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