On the list itself

Per H. Isaksen PerHenning.Isaksen at marintek.sintef.no
Tue Aug 4 09:27:48 UTC 1998

I have just subscribed to the squeak list, and
would really like a change, if the rest of you 

Due to the amount of junk mail, I like all my
mail to be easy to classify. It is very difficult
with the squeak list as the From: field contain
the real sender. It would be much easier
if it was set to 'squeak at cs.uiuc.edu'. That I
can recognize immedeately, and this is also
done on other lists.

(if I do not recognize the sender or the subjet,
 that e-mail is _defined_ as junk, and it is
 deleted unread)

What do you think?


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