Memory mysteries (Linux)

Jörg Rade jr at
Fri Aug 21 19:38:03 UTC 1998

Hi Squeakers,

my system is running under Linux (2.1.115) and has 64MB physical
memory. Despite the fact that Squeak is invoked with a commandline
argument of -m30m it reports:

uptime			1h4m23s
memory			5,226,856 bytes
	old		4,822,476 bytes (92.3%)
	young		84,284 bytes (1.6%)
	used		4,906,760 bytes (93.9%)
	free		320,096 bytes (6.1%)
GCs			7,137 (541ms between GCs)
	full		3 in 2,118ms (0% uptime), avg 706.0ms
	incr		7134 in 32,994ms (1.0% uptime), avg 5.0ms
	tenures		2 (avg 3567 GCs/tenure)

Anybody knows what's wrong here?


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