True dialog windows

Kevin Fisher kfisher at
Mon Aug 24 17:51:21 UTC 1998

> >I agree -- modal dialog boxes of that type are evil -- EVIL I tell 'ya! 
> >;-)

Well, if I might make my humble opinion...coming from an X/Motif world I
have to agree with the sentiment.  ANYTHING that locks the pointer into 
a single window irritates the heck out of me.  It isn't so much a problem
when things actually work properly..however when an app goes berzerk 
(like, say, netscape) bad things can happen (like the pointer being permanently
locked in a modal state...seems to happen to me all the time when I'm 
in a pulldown menu in netscape).  The nice thing is, certain window managers can be configured to either honour the modality or not.  Maybe Squeak could
have a similar configurable option?  Then again, the X11 way may not be
the best way.. :)

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