True dialog windows

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at
Mon Aug 24 17:24:58 UTC 1998

>I agree -- modal dialog boxes of that type are evil -- EVIL I tell 'ya! 

Well, if correctly implemented and wisely used, then, there's just
wonderful. I think, we've to distinguish image modal and application modal
windows. While the first type of window will block the whole system, the
second one just blocks the application (aka parent window) which needs the
input to continue.  But even non-movable image modal dialogs aren't evil,
as a piece of software, they're innocent. However, the programmer who
implemented this kind of stuff has to be considered as evil :-)

Therefore, I'd vote for movable, application modal dialogs: Just the usual
stuff, message boxes, input boxes, file or color requestors and that kind
of stuff.

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