MinneStore: Free Smalltalk OODB

Pennell pennell at tiac.net
Fri Aug 14 11:35:22 UTC 1998

>Unfortunately, I haven't had time to do anything about it, and it doesn't
look as though I will :-(.  However, it seems a fairly straight forward

I'm about at the same point.  I've started the port. I got to the point
where it needed finalization and was stuck waiting for a 2.1 VM on Windows
(this was a while ago).  Andreas has the appropriate support and Jon Carlson
(the Minnestore author) sent me code that avoids needing finalization
altogether.  I just haven't had time to move ahead.  I'm on the road all
next week so I doubt that this will be moving up on my list for a while.

I've got all of his change sets filed in.  He has a set of platform
adaptors.  I'm just working through these.

>Minnestore is under the GNU licence, so it's free, but not as unrestricted
as the Squeak licence.

I had the same issue.  I asked Jon if he would consider changing to the LGPL
(Library GPL) license so any code I write wouldn't have to fall under GPL.
He went off and read LGPL and then realized that even that was more
restrictive than he intended.  He sent me a couple of pointers to licenses
that were more open.  I haven't been a mood to read licenses lately...

If anyone want to pick up from my work, I'll be happy to send my work so
far.  Speak fast - I'll be back on the list late tonight (EST) and then off
for about 8 days....


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