Bob Arning arning at
Tue Aug 25 03:08:19 UTC 1998

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998 19:52:10 -0500 John Brant <brant at> wrote: 
>Do I win any prizes for guessing correctly :)...  

Uh, well,,, I think the rules exclude the authors. Sorry.

>There isn't a NavigatorTool in VW. Each browser contains two visual parts:
>navigator and code tool. The navigator handles the selection of classes and
>methods, and the code tools displays the selected item. The symbol,
>#NavigatorTool, is used to name the subcanvas that will hold the navigator
>of the browser (the navigator is determined when the browser opens). The #Tool
>symbol in CodeModel is used to name the subcanvas that holds the code tool
>(determined based on the navigator's selection).

Yes, I got that figured out this morning - that what looks like another Class>>#windowSpec is something inserted on the fly. They are somewhat working now.

>BTW, you shouldn't need the RefactoringBrowser class to get the rewrite rule
>editor working. However, if you get the navigator classes working, most of the
>other interfaces are fairly simple.

Well, that would depend on my knowing what I am doing. I haven't yet figured out what Mac tool will undo a .gz file so, sans documentation, it is a new mystery every minute. I started with the RRE, but if I hit the Search... button, I can wind up with a Refactory Browser which needs a #NavigatorTool. 

Well, that's the past - on to the future. It is pleasantly surprising how much *does* work given the time since the divergence of the Squeak and VW images. And I do look forward to actually seeing this puppy work!


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