Siren on Win 95 MIDI?

Shaun M. Smith shaun at
Thu Aug 13 16:13:36 UTC 1998

Hi Squeakers,

	I've been trying to determine whether STP's Siren works on the MIDI support
that's available in the 2.1 Win95 VM.  Perhaps someone a little more in the
know could summarize the status.  I think I remember a posting from STP that
mentioned future Win95 support for Siren, but I may be wrong.  I believe the
main roadblock is the MIDI driver interface.  Are the Mac and Win95 VMs
currently using the same MIDI drivers.  The Siren readme says that the
Opcode MIDI System (OMS) drivers are required.

	A summary of MIDI on Win95 would be appreciated.  Not all of us have Macs,
even if we'd like one :-).

	Thanks very much,


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