Squeak on NEXTSTEP

Pascal Bourguignon pjb at imaginet.fr
Thu Aug 20 04:02:35 UTC 1998


I've begun porting Squeak on NEXTSTEP 3.3, with a pure NeXT front-end.

I've uploaded squeak-2.0-0.1.N.bs.tar.gz to ftp.peanuts.org. You should find  
it soon in  

__Pascal Bourguignon__

PS: Here is the README:
Here is a snapshot of my porting effort of Squeak-2.0 on NEXTSTEP.

The application nextstep/Squeak-v0.1.app is functionnal, if a little slow.

You can configure in the Info/Preference panel:
	- the size of memory used for the heap,
	- the path of the image,
	- the mapping of the modifiers and mouse button to the tree-buttoned  
Smalltalk mouse. Have a look at the source to check how non-exclusive  
configuration is handled.
	dwrite Squeak YellowButton lm
	dwrite Squeak BlueButton r
	dwrite Squeak RedButton l
	dwrite Squeak ImagePath /local/src/squeak-2.0/image/Squeak2.0.image

I'm sorry, the sources do not correspond to the compiled application. I've  
started to upgrade them, planing to directly access the video memory (via  
/dev/vid0) for better performance. Since I've interrupted work on it last  
month, I don't remember if it would even compile...

The project in nextstep/ will compile the Squeak library. However, you need  
gmake to do that.

__Pascal Bourguignon__
mailto:pjb at imaginet.fr
Thu Aug 20 05:31:12 MET 1998
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