Squeak 2.1 for UNIX?

Kevin Fisher kfisher at rim.net
Thu Aug 13 13:05:24 UTC 1998


Just a quick question...is Squeak 2.1 ready for Unix/Linux yet?  I tried
running the 2.1 image with the 2.0 interp and VM, and it did not work
very well...anything Morphic caused Squeak to hang solid!

Also...I'm relatively new to Squeak.  I've been wanting to try Smalltalk
since the early 80's but the insane prices for development kits kept me
far, far away from it (until now!).  I run Squeak under Linux, and I've
found that sometimes when I read files with the file browser there are no
carriage returns at the end of each line.  I filein'ed the CrLf fix on the
UIUC ftp site, and after a bit of hacking to get it to work I STILL find
that some files have no carriage returns when read.  Am I missing something
important?  The CrLf fix did help some things though...prior to applying this
fix eekMail wasn't reading the email.preferences properly, and now it
works properly with the CrLf fix.

Thanks...you can't imagine how happy I am that I can FINALLY work in a
'real' Smalltalk environment!  I'm diving back into the purple book to refresh
my memory on the language...this is great!

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