Squeak and Secure Sockets

Gerardo Richarte gr at fuzzy.uba.ar
Sun Aug 23 08:14:22 UTC 1998

Hola Georg Gollmann!
> I have recently added strong authentication/encryption to my GemStone
> webserver (the grandfather of Mark=B4s PWS) using SSLeay
> (http://www.psy.uq.oz.au/~ftp/Crypto/).
> Now I am curious whether there is interest in secure networking in Sque=
> ak.
> The fastest way would probably be to define a new socketType in
> Socket>primSocketCreateNetwork:... and expand the networking glue code =
> to
> make calls to SSLeay.
> Comments anyone ?

	I've been myself thinking about adding some crypto to Squeak, and I
will not have any problems as I'm in Argentina, BUT be very careful with
crypto, becouse if crypto is strong it cannot be exported FROM USA (it's
not legal)
	By strong crypto I mean RSA with keys larger than 256 bits (I'm not
sure if it's 256 or what), and many other schems... I'm not sure, but a code
that does weak crypto but can be modified to make strong crypto (by changing a
256 for a 1024) may be exported, again, I'm not sure. Be careful.

	Warning Bye!

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