Eric Maximiliano Rodriguez Guevara eguevara at
Fri Aug 14 21:54:40 UTC 1998

Gerardo Richarte wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> 	There will be soon a new version of MorphicWrappers. There are some
> improvements borned from the feedback with some users (there are a lot
> of users), but we like to include as many good thing as we can. So...

I can hardly wait to see it!

> 	Have you seen MorphicWrappers yet? Are you using them?
> 	(Why not? check: )
Yes, and I never use a Workspace since I have them.

> 	Do you have anything negative to say about it? what?
> 	What whould you add it? What whould you change?

1. I don't know if the Tile halo is working well, but it would be nice if 
I have a "named" wrapper (I mean a "temporary variable"), when you click 
over the tile halo only shows the name (by now I think it shows it's 
printString), I'm not sure if the tile is working correcltly (I am new 
with the scripting stuff) but if is not, it would be nice to make it work.


a) Thinking of the way I'm using the wrappers (like a Workspace), it 
would be nice that when you have an object attached to the hand if you 
click one of the 3 mouse bottons (maybe the right or the middle one) 
automaticaly throws the object to the trash (half of the times I have an 
Object attached to the hand I don't need it, I just wanted to see some
instance variable or something like that).

b) Another option is to adopt the same behavior that the View halo has
(which is: if you don't keep pressed the left button it thows it to the 
trash), maybe this it would be better because I think many people is
working with the View halo.

3. Another nice thing would be to have a place to type text and after 
that be able to evaluate it and after the evaluation to have the result 
of the evaluation attached to the hand (some kind of printIt in a wrapper

4.- I vote to have the trash can by default in the lower right position
of the window.

> 	Do you have anything possitive to say about it? what?
> 	(take some time to answer this one!	:-)

I think it's OUTSTANDING!, I believe you and Luciano figured out of what 
a morphic workspace should be (I don't want to hurt nobody's feelings, but 
if you all take a look at the wrappers I think you'll agree with me)

> PPS: Yes, I know, my english is not the best in the net, sorry...
Look at mine and don't panic!

Eric Rodriguez Guevara
eguevara at

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