True dialog windows

Joe Davison jwdavison at
Mon Aug 24 14:32:13 UTC 1998

Bob Arning said: 
> On Sun, 23 Aug 1998 10:04:25 -0500 Tim Olson <tim at> wrote:=20
> >>I may be missing something, but I don't see anything that looks like =
> real=20
> >>dialog window support in Squeak. Is there something available?
> >
> >The FillInTheBlank class provides dialog support for text entry, and=20
> >SelectionMenu>>confirm: can be used for yes/no dialog boxes.
> >
> >What support in particular are you looking for?
> >
> 2. (Possibly optional) that the dialog be truly modal - that the user =
> not be able to click on other windows while the dialog is up. I'm not =
> sure just how important this is, but it seems a common programming =
> feature.

Personally, I hate it when the system pops up a dialog and I can't use my
system to determine the answer to the question it's asking.  "so, what do
you want to name that file?" (No! You can't use the system to look at what
other files you have in that directory!).  I have no choice but to cancel
the operation, go look for the answer, write it down somewhere (can't put
it on the screen, the stupid dialog box will pop up directly in front of
it and refuse to move out of the way).  Of course, the latter is learned
only after having tried 3 more times...  Eventually I get so annoyed I do
something stupid. 

To think I used to have trouble understanding why people think modal
dialogs are a bad idea...


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