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Wed Aug 5 20:49:54 UTC 1998

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Hi Folks.


I have just released a new, native OS/2 port of Squeak. It can be found in
our pages at SUGAR Smalltalk Users Group ARgentina.

There was already a way to run Squeak in OS/2. For version 1.2 of Squeak,
Boris Shingarov had done a small modification to allow OS/2 run the UNIX
version, under XWindows emulation. But XWindows support isn't installed in
OS/2 by default, and I haven't tried it, but I think the screen redraw
speed shouldn't be good.

So I thought that something better was nedded. I first tried the IBM's
Open32 API, which is a Win32 API emulator. I could compile the Windows
version of Squeak, but again the screen redraw speed was too slow.

So I wrote an all new Squeak port, made especifically for OS/2. I used a
game oriented display API from IBM called DIVE, that uses hardware
acceleration to achieve fast display updates. (It somewhat similar to
DirectX in Windows.) The result is a perfectly usable Squeak on my 486
machine without the need for the 'Defer Display Update' trick.

I included a practical mapping of several keys. Delete behaves like
Shift-Backspace (forward delete), Ctrl-Break and Esc are the interrupt keys
and, Ctrl-Ins, Shft-Ins and Shft-Del manage the clipboard (emulating Alt-c,
Alt-v and Alt-x). Besides all Squeak color depth are supported from 1 to 32
bit. If you select a Squeak color mode with more colors that your OS/2
desktop, color dithering will occur.

This first version doesn't still have support for sound, MIDI, serial port,
networking or joystick. It just has the minimum functionality for running.
I will later add the rest.

System requeriments:
   + Long file name support (install Squeak on a HPFS drive)
   + DIVE video dlls (Installed by default by OS/2 4, but can be added to
any OS/2)
   + Video mode with at least 256 colors, and support for DIVE (most
drivers should work)

Read about it and download it from

Write me with bug reports, suggestions and comments.


Juan Manuel Vuletich
jvuletic at

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