nil or #nil?

Mark4Flies at Mark4Flies at
Thu Aug 27 17:43:58 UTC 1998

In a message dated 8/25/98 2:53:59 PM, you wrote:

<<If I were to write something like

	#(nil true false)

I'd expect an array equivalent to

	Array with: nil with: true with: false


	Array with: #nil with: #true with: #false>>

Me, too. It seems as though the special values should have precedence since
they always exist and I should just use them (favor "Array with: nil with:
true with: false" interpretation) but if I need literals (that happen to be
the same string of characters) I have to create them, possibly going out of my
way (accept "Array with: #nil with: #true with: #false").

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