Squeaken, anyone?

Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Mon Aug 24 12:47:49 UTC 1998

I've been thinking about reducing the number of computers in my life
(eleven is _way_ too many) and so far it looks like it might be sensible to
dump all the pda's I don't use, forget the powerbook, replace the older RPC
with the new RPC2 that is on order and replace the newer RPC with a  Corel
NetWinder. Let's be honest, all I do with computers is mail, web & squeak,
so why keep any of the others?

Except for using Quicken - which is why I keep the aging Mac 8100 going. I
don't think I could manage without Quicken & CheckFree. So, who out there
feels like writing Squeaken. Forget all the flashy reports and graphs, just
handle many accounts both asset and liability and interface to Checkfree
for paying the bills. Surely someone on the list has written this before?

Then I could get down to just three computers:- an RPC2, a NetWinder and a
Psion5. All ARM powered, all running Squeak (well nearly, the psion work
is still in slow motion mode) and no M$ anywhere.

Dreaming on a hot summer's eve,
PS Corel netwinder is _way_ cool. Look at http://www.corelcomputer.com -
275MHz ARM Linux, 64Mb ram and 4Gb for $1k. Wow.

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