Name resolution

Marcel Weiher marcel at
Sat Dec 19 13:49:51 UTC 1998

> to give more background on my environment: my Mac is connected to  
> router(using ethernet). I use network address translation to access my 
> provider, with internally non-routed addresses.
> The interesting thing is that I can reach the update server from  
> but, at the same time, cannot access them from within Squeak. The same 
> happens
> when I use the Squeak browser: I can access sites using the IP  
number, but not
> using their actual name. Interestingly it seems that if I have  
accessed a
> site
> once through IP number I can then use the actual name. However,  I  
have to do
> more tests to verify this.

Are you using a proxy for Netscape?  In that case, name-resolution  
for host-names in Netscape is not done by Netscape itself but by the  
proxy.  In my MacOS-X-Server setup, I have the blue box (MacOS  
emulation running as a process within MOSXS) set up with an IP  
address not known to the outside world, and without a connection to  
DNS.  Both IE and NS can access hosts by host-name via proxy or  
directly using IP addresses, but not directly using host-names.


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