Another mainstream article about Squeak at PCWeek Online

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Sun Dec 27 20:03:44 UTC 1998

BTW, the Wired piece also made the Reuters wire service: See

At 11:19 PM -0800 12/22/98, Dan Shafer wrote:
>I mentioned Squeak almost in passing on my "Project Heresy" radio show
>at CNET Radio a few weeks ago and was literally inundated with requests
>for followup information. I positioned Squeak as a viable
>platform-independent development language with a graphical interface
>that had the promise of making Linux more viable as a deplooyment platform.

I've been surprised that most of the mainstream discussion of Squeak has
focussed on the small-image/low-level-kernel aspects.  There's been little
mention of the wonderful IDE, all the great media support, etc.

>I've talked with the Squeak team once or twice about doing a column  or
>a feature about Squeak and the Web/Internet but they feel -- and I agree
>-- that we're not yet ready for prime time attention. But I have to tell
>you, the itch gets stronger all the time.

What is the sense for when things will be ready for prime time? What is
needed first?  I'm working on a book using Squeak, as I know that others
are too.  I'd appreciate the advice of those who are more knowledgeable
about such things than I -- is it too early to do a Squeak book?


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