building Mac 2.3b VM

Ken Dickey kend at
Tue Dec 8 21:25:29 UTC 1998

>Sheesh. There, in a nutshell, is what annoys me so much with Macs - (Oh ,
>and often with windoze as well) you have to open this file with that
>software of such-and-such a version. The idea of simply having makefiles
>seems too complex for them.

If makefiles were all that were needed, you would not have to check 
library and tool versions and the the Red Hat Package Manager (a.k.a. 
rpm) would not need that nifty constraint code to check for 
reasonableness.  I suppose you just prefer to use gdb under Unix to tell 
you that you linked with the wrong binary for your compiler version.

Given any reasonably complex project maintained by multiple people over 
time, Makefiles are Sh*t. [IMHO]


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