Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Sun Dec 27 01:35:26 UTC 1998

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew C Greenberg <werdna at gate.net> writes:

Andrew> Indeed, the iMac boots in a funny mode when you hold some
Andrew> magic keys down, into a Forth-like interpreter that seems to
Andrew> be closely related to device configuration.  I recall seeing
Andrew> some press describing this awhile back, and some indication
Andrew> that more Apple computers will be using that thingie, whatever
Andrew> its called.  OpenROM or OpenBoot sounds familiar.

Yes, the MkLinux people are familiar with the difference between
OpenBoot G3 Macs and those that aren't.  (Almost?) all Macs coming off
the line right now are OpenBoot... and boots into a "forth-like" mode
(my Forth buddies tell me it is a real total Forth).  My Wall-street
G3 Powerbook certainly is.  (MkLinux people know it because MkLinux
works ONLY with OpenBoot Macs.)

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