Bit Manipulation Question

Colin Sarsfield colin.sarsfield at
Wed Dec 9 00:16:36 UTC 1998

"R. A. Harmon" wrote:
> I noticed to following results while testing Squeak bit manipulation.  I
> think the  result of evaluating the second snippet of code is in error.  If
> it isn't, I would appreciate it if anyone could straighten me out.
> (-10       "-2r1010"
>     bitOr:   2r1000) radix: 2.
> "->          '-2r10'"   Error?
This isn't an error.  -2r1010 is actually stored as
2r11111111111111111111111111110110 (assuming 32-bit words).  This is
refered to as 2's complement integer storage.  Basically the high bit
means it's negative and then you perform a bitwise not on the whole
thing and add 1 to get what the number  is.

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