VM2.2 and 2.3beta unstable on Linux ?

Han Holl han.holl at pobox.com
Wed Dec 23 22:54:00 UTC 1998

johnm at wdi.disney.com wrote:
> Han Holl <han.holl at pobox.com> wrote:
> > With the downloaded binary, I could send the VM in a closed loop
> > by choosing the nextPage button in the Morphbook (one of the
> > play-with-me's).
> This is almost certainly a problem with sound on your machine. You can
> turn off sound by setting the "disableSound" preference to true.
You are right. If I disable sound, nextPage works in 2.2.

> The other problems sound like Linux-specific bugs.

I'm afraid so. Disabling sound doesn't help there.


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