AlignmentMorph and TextMorph

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Sun Dec 27 23:08:32 UTC 1998


>Andrew's explanation probably answers this one. Incidentally, if the scores are 1000, 100, 10, and
1, then the 1 does not appear right-justified >in your example since there is (see TextMorph>>fit) a
minimum size for TextMorphs. Using #contentsWrapped: instead of #contents: and >adding #rightFlush
will correct this.

Thanks - I read too much into the name #contentsWrapped and didn't look at the comments.  #contents
forwards to #contentsAsIs which disables autolayout.  #contentsWrapped allows auto layout.

Do you have any pointers on where to start exploring the layout code?

>>The names are editable, the scores are not.  (why?)

>Well, they are editable in my system, but then I dug around a bit and found I had "fixed" this
problem before. TextMorphs seem to think they >have an unlimited width and thus the first one on the
line will answer true to #containsPoint: and the second one never sees it. My change is:


>containsPoint: aPoint

>(super containsPoint: aPoint) ifFalse: [^false].
>self startingIndex > text size ifTrue:
>["make null text frame visible"
>^ super containsPoint: aPoint].
>^ self paragraph containsPoint: aPoint

Have you submitted this change to Squeak Central for inclusion in 2.3?


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