building Mac 2.3b VM

Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Tue Dec 8 05:12:09 UTC 1998

On Mon 07 Dec, Serg Koren wrote:

> It means what it says ;-) you're using 
> an OLD version of CodeWarrior to compile a newer project.  You can 
> get the tool in the newer versions of CW (which is up to CW Pro 4... 
> of course you'll also need the CW Pro (3 or 4) compiler to compile 
> the updated project ;-).
Sheesh. There, in a nutshell, is what annoys me so much with Macs - (Oh ,
and often with windoze as well) you have to open this file with that
software of such-and-such a version. The idea of simply having makefiles
seems too complex for them.
Over the years I've come to rather like being able to drop an executable
onto my text editor and see a sensible view of it (words, byte, ascii or
disassembled for example) and even edit it. I know my attachment to my
Acorn OS is somewhat quixotic, but boy, it does it all over most of the
others in terms of convenience for developers.

> Have you ever tried compiling under Windows?  Talk about frustration ;-).
Oh yeah, I compile VMs under w95 quite often, in order to check
cross-platform validity. That drive me nuts as well, but at least it's
quite fast. I likewise compile on unix when possible for further checks,
and it's much less hassle in general.

> PS and don't blame apple for this....this is a Metrowerks Codewarrior 
> tool, message, etc.
Bah. They're all part of a grand conspiracy to prevent me getting work
done. They're out to get me I tell you!

So, since I certainly refuse to pay out my money to upgrade a compiler so's
I can make VMs tohand out for free, is there anybody out there with  some
time (and an up to date CodeWorrier) to build a Mac NCM VM for us? Just
extract the two files, replace the normal sq.h & interp.c with them,
recompile and name the VM something like 'Squeak2.3NCM VM' and pass it
back. Ta very much.


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