Window restore problem

Jerome Garcia Jerome.Garcia at
Thu Dec 10 21:28:16 UTC 1998

     On Thur 10 Dec, Tim Rowledge wrote:
     So, I'd like to suggest a fairly simple mechanism that provides for 
     reasonably flexible options to do these things. The VM would need one 
     more primitive to set the semaphore to signal when an 'unspecified OS 
     event' occurs, just like it has now for sockets etc. The semaphore 
     would be registered in the external objects array as normal. Platform 
     specific code (in sqXXXWindows.c for example) would signal the 
     semaphore as usual whenever some event occured, and then image code 
     would query the VM via another prim for the event info.  Of course, 
     this is pretty much how the InputState stuff used to work - so we know 
     it should function ok!
     I can produce the code for this in pretty short order if people want 
     it; is there enough interest and enough OS events to make it worth it?
     I would like to see you make it or something like it available. It 
     would also be nice to see an non"piecemeal" or somewhat formalized 
     approach to proposing that such events become "specified OS events" 
     when it becomes apparent that they exist on multiple platforms.

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