Window code issue

Richard L. Peskin rlpcon at
Thu Dec 24 16:22:19 UTC 1998

At 7:57 PM +0100 12/24/98, Andreas Raab wrote:
>I think that most platforms do it the same way (I can't really speak for
>*all* platforms) that is, copy the Squeak Display object into the hosts
>Squeak window. There are slight differences in the way the different ports
>deal with byte reversal (e.g., on Win32 this is done inplace, once before
>copying the Display object into the window and once after this has been
>done) or whether a host bitmap is needed for Display. But besides that
>your exactly on the right trail.

Thanks Andreas--
 Where do I find this specialized code? I have looked over the
sqMacWindows.c and the only thing I see (other than window creation and
event handling) is ioShowDisplay() which appears to do a PixMap to BitMap
conversion, followed by a CopyBits(). Should I be looking elsewhere as well?

How does interp.c call for the display? Is "ioShowDisplay()" called from
the interpreter or is there another function named used by the interpreter?

Our problem is very slow drawing, which was unexpected for the BeOS. We
don't want to change the automatically generated interp.c, so we need to
fix this in one of the machine specific calls.
--dick peskin

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