Comment ANSI Messages?

R. A. Harmon harmonra at
Wed Dec 2 16:22:56 UTC 1998

I've added facilities for globals, pools, pool variables classes and methods
annotations such as comments, author, etc.  I'd like to add comments for
ANSI messages that in effect would be a link to a the description of that
message in the proposed ANSI standard document in HTML format.  I could then
click on that link to bring up a browser on the ANSI standard document
showing the message description.  It doesn't necessarily have to bring up a
browser, but this would then allow me to look at other areas of the document
if needed.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to do this.  I originally thought of
just including the message description text in the comment, but this would
add a ton of stuff to the development environment and then I still have to
deal with links for multiple methods that implement a protocol message.  I
also considered storing the position (RemoteString) of a message description
in the standard document in text format.  This starts to get complicated
with establishing and maintaining the position of a message description.

I would really like to find an effective mechanism that is also as simple as
possible as I'd need to implement it in Smalltalk Express, Dolphin
Smalltalk, and others which aren't as advanced as Squeak in some areas.
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