Squeak Exception Handling?

R. A. Harmon harmonra at webname.com
Wed Jul 22 12:06:50 UTC 1998

At 06:18 PM 7/21/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 4:13 PM -0400 7/21/98, R. A. Harmon wrote:
>>I'd like to implement the proposed Smalltalk ANSI standard exception
>>protocols in Squeak.  Is there an exception handling implementation for
>>Squeak relatively complete?
>In March, Dave Farber posted a Squeak version of exception handling. He wrote:
>>i've coded up an exception mechanism for squeak. it is a port of Bob Hinkle
>>and Ralph Johnson's exception mechanism for 
>Should be in the archive. If not, drop me a (private) note and I'll send a

Thanks, I found it.  I'd forgotten the Squeak mailing list was archived.

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