Proposed tweaks to the Mac OS Squeak VM

Stephen C. Gilardi squeegee at
Tue Jul 14 19:30:49 UTC 1998

Dear Squeak List,

I thought Squeak was cool even before seeing the Morphic worlds.  Now I
think it's extremely cool!

As a long time Mac user, it seemed a shame to me that the Mac OS Squeak VM
wasn't cosmetically pretty as a Mac OS application.

So, this weekend I set out to add:

   - Icons for Squeak and its image files, and
   - An About box for Squeak.

I also decided to compile it using the latest CodeWarrior environment--CW
Pro 3.

I accomplished these goals.  I also made a couple of tweaks to the full
screen support.  I'd be pleased if the Squeak team would consider including
any or all of these changes in a future release of the Mac OS source for
the Squeak VM.

I'm happy to see that there is now a "minimal" Mac OS source file to assist
in porting.  Perhaps this will free the standard Mac OS sources to be
improved a bit to fit in better as a Mac OS application.

I have uploaded a StuffIt archive containing modified source files, a
CodeWarrior 3 project file, a resource file, a compiled (Fat) VM (including
the object code patch to the PPC interpreter), and a "Read Me" file
detailing the changes to:


The "originals" for the modified source files are those distributed at or
before change set number 138.  The were current as of 12JUL98.

If you're running Squeak on a Mac, please give the new VM a try.  You may
need to rebuild your desktop to see the icons.  I'd be happy to hear what
you think about it.

I think Squeak and the Squeak effort are great.  I'm pleased to propose
these changes to make it a bit prettier on the Mac!


Stephen C. Gilardi
SQ Software

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