unification algorithm in Smalltalk?

Mark Wai mwai at ibm.net
Mon Jul 6 21:35:14 UTC 1998

At 01:44 PM 7/6/98 -0600, Kyle Pierce wrote:
>I am looking for Smalltalk AI tools in general, and any Smalltalk
>implementation of a unification algorithm, in particular.  Can anyone
>provide pointers to such a thing, in a dialect that might be fairly

For reference, you might want to take a look at Francois Pachet's
NeOpus(http://www-poleia.lip6.fr/~fdp/).   There are a also a few papers
presented in OOSPLA as well.  Check ACM electronic library for a list of
such related topics.  NeOpus is based on Atkinson and Laursen's OOSPLA 87
Opus paper.  NeOpus should fairly compatible with Squeak since it is build
on Smalltalk-80 derived dialect (ParcPlace).

I also remember a guy (I forgot his name though) from Virginia, USA posted a
message in comp.lang.smalltalk several years ago that he has a Smalltalk AI
tool in the making.  Do a search in Deja-news engine with keywords like AI,
forward chaining etc and I am sure you will find a few useful tips.

Good luck
Mark Wai
Frontier Systems Architecture Inc.	
mailto: mwai at ibm.net or:[ mwai at frontiersa.com] 

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