Closing a socket - Mac/2.1

Maloney johnm at
Fri Jul 24 20:06:06 UTC 1998

>It seems that whenever I close a socket, Socket>>waitForDisconnectionUntil:
>always times out, leaving the status as ThisEndClosed. It wasn't clear to
>me from the C code included in the image how this was happening, but there
>seemed to be some work in progress in this area. For now, I have commented
>out the #waitForDisconnectionUntil. Does this seem reasonable? Does anyone
>have a better idea?

>From your discription, it sounds as though the server that Squeak is
talking to is not closing the connection properly. I don't know of any
bug in the Mac socket implementation that would cause this to happen.
(There was a recent bug related to socket closing in the Win32
implementation, but it had different symptoms from those you describe.)

What is the server? Is it implemented in Squeak?

It could be merely that you need a longer timeout in the call
to waitForDisconnectionUntil:.

I don't think commenting out the waitForDisconnectionUntil: is a good
long-term solution; it could easily cause other problems.

Hope this helps!

	-- John

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