Squeak 2.1 now available

Matt Rosen rosen at sjdccd.cc.ca.us
Tue Jul 7 17:21:30 UTC 1998

Andreas Raab wrote:

> Sorry for the delay. I was in the midst of refactoring the Win32 sources
> (making them UNICODE clean and restructuring so that ports to Alpha and CE
> should work "out of the box") when the official deadline for my thesis
> struck me. Since it is due tomorrow you can expect an updated Win32
> version during the next week.

Plenty soon enough for me.  Whenever you get a chance is just fine.

I _really_ appreciate the wonderful contributions you make to our little
and my intent is not to pressure you in any way.  Your thesis obviously comes

I just thought that I would try to save others who might try to incorporate
the 2.1
updates a little time and trouble.

Thanks again!

Matt Rosen, Director for Technical Services
San Joaquin Delta College

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