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Thu Jul 2 15:00:56 UTC 1998


	Thanks for the advice.  Like I said, I've haven't really programmed much
in Morphic so this shold be a learning adventure.

Take care,

>Folks -
>>>That sounds pretty great! I'm not sure that I'm up to it--I've never
>>>written anything big in Smalltalk and I don't know anything about Morphic
>>>or even know if it is far enough along--but I'm sure interested in thinking
>>>a lot more about it and trying to decide about the feasibility.
>>Actually I've never done anything with Morphic either...or really much in
>>the way of UI in Squeak :)
>Anyone who is serious about building an application like a mail reader (ie
fairly simple UI consisting of text, lists and buttons) should know the
>If you make a normal model/view division, and use Squeak's pluggable views
in MVC, it should only take about an hour to get it running in Morphic
after it works in MVC.  To a greater or lesser extent, all of the current
Squeak programming apps (browsers, debugger, file list, change sorters,
etc) work this way.  For most of them there is just one method that differs
-- namely the one that sets up the view structure and opens the window.
The fileList is one of the simpler examples to look at in this regard.
>This is also the simplest path for porting code written for other
smalltalks, since most of them start out with a similar architecture and
set of views.
>	- Dan
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