Martin Pammer mpammer at vrz.net
Thu Jul 2 08:16:21 UTC 1998

I would suggest to rename two methods of PositionableStream:
     "Answer the next two bytes from the receiver as an Integer."
nextWordPut: aWord
     "Append to the receiver an Integer as the next two bytes."
next2Bytes or  nextTwoBytes
next2BytesPut:  or  nextTwoBytesPut:

The reason for this suggestion is that I would like to see a method
nextWord to return the next word from aStream in a literal sense.
I remember that at least VSE has a method like this

!PositionableStream methodsFor: 'accessing' stamp: 'pm 6/14/1998 22:24'!
        "Answer a String containing the next word in the
         receiver stream.  A word starts with a letter,
         followed by a sequence of letters and digits."
    | first |
    [self atEnd ifTrue: [^ nil].
    self next isAlphaNumeric] whileFalse: [].  "skip separators"
    first _ self position.
    [self atEnd
        ifTrue: [^ collection copyFrom: first to: self position].
     self next isAlphaNumeric] whileTrue: [].
     position _ position - 1.
    ^ collection copyFrom: first to: self position! !

With best regards
Martin Pammer
mpammer at vrz.net
VRZ Informatik

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