Squeak Exception Handling?

David Farber dfarber at numenor.com
Thu Jul 23 00:53:58 UTC 1998

>>I'd like to implement the proposed Smalltalk ANSI standard exception
>>protocols in Squeak.  Is there an exception handling implementation for
>>Squeak relatively complete?  Enough so that the ANSI standard exception
>>protocols could implemented using it.  I used Hal Hildebrand's
>>implementation when doing this for Smalltalk Express.
>In March, Dave Farber posted a Squeak version of exception handling.
>(Dave: yes, it's very useful ;) Is there a more recent version?)

thanks Bijan. there is not a more recent version. several reasons for this:
1) i have not received any bug reports :)  2) i got sidetracked from some
stuff that had sidetracked me from some other stuff that had sidetracked me
from working more on exceptions 3) i don't know that i really like PP's
interface. at the very least i would what to swap do:handle: for handle:do:.

i did find one bug. i had commented out one snippet of code that checked to
see if the exception on the stack was the right type for the handler found.
so now, the first handler found will always execute, regardless of the
exception type.

if any one has has any fixes, extensions, or more exception definitions,
feel free to pass them along.


        j. david farber
    oo architect+mentor
numenor labs incorporated
in sunny boulder colorado
    dfarber at numenor.com

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