Leads for database application development

Jerome Garcia Jerome.Garcia at wj.com
Wed Jul 1 17:20:44 UTC 1998

     Bob Adler, Chris Earnest, and I were involved at Claris (Apple) in 
     development of a set of classes in C++ to provide distributed 
     heterogeneous database access.
     Bob designed a set of database provider classes which abstracted 
     access to various sources which could range from delimited flat files 
     to the various relational databases.
     Chris designed a set of classes which could optimize distributed 
     heterogeneous requests.
     I designed a set of classes to represent the distributed data 
     dictionary and database requests. The database request classes were 
     based on but not limited to the ANSI SQL 92 standard. All database 
     request classes were subclasses of an expression class whose super 
     class was a tree node class.
     This was all part of a fairly ambitious effort at Claris. I left 
     shortly after proof of concept and initial testing of those parts 
     involving Bob, Chris, and I so that I could do Smalltalk development 
     at Penergy. What can I say? I wanted to do Smalltalk :-)
     The parts which Bob and I did worked extremely well and were very easy 
     to extend. I would like to see a similar direction taken in Squeak. I 
     have thought about about doing this myself but have not been able to 
     find the time. Also, I do not have any experience in access of object 
     oriented databases so I can not say whether it is useful to include 
     them when considering the problem.
     If you would like additional info, send me some e-mail.
     Jerome E. Garica, Adventurous Mind
     jegarcia at adventurousmind.com

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Subject: Leads for database application development
Author:  "Mark A. Schwenk" <mas at wellthot.com> at INTERNET
Date:    6/30/98 8:08 PM

I am looking at using Squeak for database application development (the sorts 
of projects I am currently using Microsoft Access for) and am wondering if 
anyone has leads on relevant current projects or has suggested directions of 
what Squeak needs in this area before I begin my work.
I can't wait to start playing (ahem, working) with Squeak. 
-Mark Schwenk, WellThot Inc.
 mas at wellthot.com

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