Squeak 2.1 now available

Matt Rosen rosen at sjdccd.cc.ca.us
Tue Jul 7 13:44:28 UTC 1998

Dan Ingalls wrote:

> If you want to keep working in an old image, and yet track the updates to 2.1, then
> execute the following line after fetching updates in your 2.0 image...
>         EToySystem eToyVersion: 'Squeak2.1' date: Date today
> ... and save it.  Poof, you now have a system that thinks it is 2.1.  Note however, that
> the next update you download will want the new VM, so you should definitely retrieve
> that asap (although almost everything will continue to run just fine on an old VM).

I just followed the instructions for making my Squeak 2.0 Win32 image
'think' it was 2.1, and then auto updated the latest changes.  As we do
not yet have an updated VM for 2.1 on Win32 (do we?), I used the
existing VM.  Bad things happened immediately.  (In particular, the
image hangs when entering a project, for example.  A manual interrupt
shows that the image is repeatedly halted with 'bad bitblt arg
(fraction?) proceed to convert').  Given the nature of the released 2.1
changes, I suspect that either I have missed a step somewhere, or that
we really do need the 2.1 VM before incorporating the 2.1 updates on

I might suggest that others on Win32 hold off a bit until a 2.1 VM is
available, or the problem is otherwise resolved.

Matt Rosen, Director for Technical Services
San Joaquin Delta College

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