First set of updates for 2.1

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Tue Jul 7 01:20:43 UTC 1998

Folks -

I've just put out 9 new updates for 2.1, as follows...

Moves the detent feature of rotation to the Halo, so that scripted rotations don't show the detent behavior.
Performance improvement in Morph>>world.
Fix to a bug in the copy-to-paste-buffer that showed up when the morph to be copied was flexed.
Moved #stringForReadout from Integer to Number, as per Georg Gollman bug report.
Warning issued upon attempt to duplicate an object bearing any anonymous script

Makes textAnchor offset work correctly within TransformMorphs.
Corrects a problem with emphasis being ignored following a textAnchor.
Amends = test for textAnchors to use == with the anchoredMorph.

Fixes Float truncate to return accurate values when they are too large to express as a SmallInteger (ie when the primitive fails).  Also fixes LargeInteger asFloat which had been missing an occasional low-order bit.


This changeSet removes the conflict between clients of mouseEnter: and mouseLeave:, regarding whether they are interested in mouseUp activity, or mouseDown (really hand-carrying) activity.  It does this by establishing that, if you wish to receive enter and leave events,
	handlesMouseOver: will do so when the hand is empty and the mouse is not pressed,
and that 
	handlesDragOver: will do so when the hand is carrying something.
Returning true to the first works well for most browser-like components.  Returning true to both works for dragging tiles into scriptors, and probably dragOver only would suffice there.

It adds dragOverMorphs to HandMorph, parallel to mouseOverMorphs, and ensures that a given morph is never in both at once.  The successes achieved include:
* Browsers no longer show two scrollbars at once.
* Auto-scrolling now works, even when you pull the mouse over other panes.
* Scrollbars do not disappear if you drag the elevator outside the scrollbar.
* Resize handles do not conflict with adjacent scrollbars.
* Time is not wasted on mouseOver support when you are dragging a morph.

Restored the brown handle to morphic command halo, allowing a morph to be dragged within its owner's bounds without extracting it or changing its front-to-back order.
Put in a feature that allows this constrained drag to be accessed merely by dragging more than 5 pixels with the cmd-key held down.
Made handle size parametric in existing halo code.
Adjusted placment logic of a few other command handles to work better on very small morphs.
Fix a performance bug that repainted everything between 0 at 0 and a halo at pop-up time.
Makes the rotation handles respect center of rotation (can be set in paintBox).

Fixes the initial bounding box when bringing up a halo on a flexed morph.
Renames 'window...' to 'open...' in the Morphic world menu, as in MVC.
Fixes a bug that gave divide by zero after certain edits that affected scroll position.

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