new SuperCollider version is like Smalltalk

James McCartney james at
Wed Jun 3 06:41:31 UTC 1998

Perhaps squeakers will be interested in the new development
version of my language which is like Smalltalk and is optimized for
real time audio.

It has the following differences from Squeak which might be of interest.

real time garbage collection.
full closure semantics.
block temporaries with nested closure scoping.
Runs at interrupt level.
Slots are 64 bits to allow double precision floats without allocation.
Uses a selector based method lookup table for fast method lookup.
Positional arguments (which Smalltalkers may not prefer but it allows
  the following: )
default arguments
variable length #rest argument lists (as in LISP).
Default initial literal values for arguments, temporaries
and instance variables.

I am considering in the future to use Squeak as the GUI for this
environment in order to facilitate porting. This would be quite a
project and there are a number of problems with communications between
the two that I can see would need to be solved. Standalone app capability
would be useful for this as well.

I would appreciate any comments.
The download site is:


It is about 1.6M and only runs on PowerPCs.
Makes some truly wicked noise..

   --- james mccartney     james at   james at
If you have a PowerMac check out SuperCollider, a real time synth program:

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