Morph Must Die!!! (a bug report)

Chris Reuter cgreuter at
Fri Jun 12 15:21:37 UTC 1998

Hi all,

I seem to have discovered a bug in Morphic.  It seems that deleted
Morphs continue to hang around and bloat the image.  I was able to
reproduce it in the following manner:

	  1) Create a Morphic world.

	  2) Eval "FlasherMorph allInstances size".  The number should
             be 0 (unless you've created one already--I hadn't and I'm
             assuming that you're using a vanilla image).

 	  3) Open a new Morphic world.  In the world, create a new
	     FlasherMorph.  Eval'ing (2) should return 1.

	  4) Delete the Flasher from the World.  Eval (2) again.  It
             should return 1 now, rather than 0.

	  5) Try closing the World and doing (2) again.  This
             sometimes makes the instance go away.  Also, sometimes
             the WorldMorph doesn't go away either.

I did some investigation via a script that would search all instance
variables of all objects for references to a particular object (very
slow) and the only suspicious (to my inexpert eye) reference was from
a number of MethodContexts.

BTW, I'm running Squeak 2.0 (with a VM I built from source, IIRC)
under Linux.  The problem persisted after running the auto-update
(which is way cool, BTW).


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