auto update problem

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Thu Jun 18 01:19:48 UTC 1998

>I really liked the auto update feature and have tested
>it twice so far. When a communication problem happens,
>however, the system gives up and goes on to the next
>update. When they are all in it is no use to ask to
>update again from the help menu since you will just
>be informed that there are no more updates (you already
>have the last one). My Squeak image is now missing
>three patches so far.

1.  I don't have a solution in the case that you experience order problems.

2.  If things seem OK, you could write a carefully crafter doit to determine which are missing, then use FTP in the fileList to bring in the ones you need.

3.  In general, you could use, eg, fetch to import all the files and file them in with another carefully crafter doit.

Methinks it's getting to be time for a new release which, thanks to the updates will merely consist of condensing changes and advancing the version of an up-to-date image and storing it somewhere.  I'll try to do this within the week.

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