glenn krasner at
Mon Jun 29 17:39:51 UTC 1998

At 03:47 PM 6/26/98 -0700, Dan Ingalls wrote:
>>Perhaps the syntax of ST-80 has been simplified too much.
>>I wonder whether ST-76 already featured block closures. Where there
>>additional features which are not detailed in the paper and why where they
>>dropped in ST-80?  What has been added in ST-80 beyond meta classes (and
>>perhaps block closures).
>The implementation of blocks was pretty much the same as ST-80, but I 
>fixed a couple of problems in ST-80.  

Similarly, the implementation of meta classes was pretty much the same. All
classes were instances of classes; the difference was that in '76 all
classes were instances of a single class and in '80 we fixed a couple of
problems so that only half of the classes were instances of a single class.


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