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William O. Dargel wDargel at
Fri Jun 19 17:08:19 UTC 1998

David Stes wrote:

> I think the up-down arrow (cursor) keys should work in the browser (so
> that you can use the arrow keys to scroll through methods and
> classes).
> Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but it seems this is not the case,
> at least not in 1.31 (which is what I'm still using).
> Ideally the left-right arrow keys should also work (more difficult - has
> anyone does this ?). I just added some code to deal with the up-down arrow
> keys which does the job for me (I'm not a MVC guru, but it seems to work).

In version 2.0, ALL lists respond to up- and down-arrow (as well as
Home, End, PageUp and PageDown). So all of the browsers already have
this behavior.

I'm very glad that lists now respond to the keyboard. Not only is it
handy for interacting with the list, it also eliminates a somewhat
noxious "feature". Before, if one typed something at a list (expecting
it to respond) those keystrokes got effectively saved, just waiting to
spew forth on the first unsuspecting text view that the mouse wandered

Now the next thing I'd like to see handle keyboard inputs would be
PopUpMenus. I find it bothersome to have to reach for the mouse to
confirm something, when I'm in the middle of using the keyboard. I'm a
firm believer that you should be able to pretty much be able to operate
everything from either the mouse OR the keyboard, and use which ever is
more convenient at the moment. If I ever find some time :-( I'll have to
look into changing this.

BTW David, I'm not sure what the left- and right-arrow keys would do in
a browser. What did you envision them doing? Ah! Perhaps move the focus
(mouse?) between side by side lists?

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