arrow keys in browser

Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Fri Jun 19 17:23:38 UTC 1998

On Fri 19 Jun, David Stes wrote:
> I think the up-down arrow (cursor) keys should work in the browser (so 
> that you can use the arrow keys to scroll through methods and classes).
In sq2.0 they work very nicely.  Left-Right to move across views isn't there at
the moment and it looks to me as if the way keystrokes are handled in lists
might not be able to do it. I _think_ you'd need to fake out the mouse position
in some manner, since the keystroke dispatching is done via the view with the
mouse in it. I can't see any obvious way to change the focus - yet. Doubtless
someone will comeup with a way soon.


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