Bug when opening Transcript

sqrmax at cvtci.com.ar sqrmax at cvtci.com.ar
Thu Jun 4 21:06:34 UTC 1998


>I ran into this as well. It must be a problem only if the Transcript is
>collapsed while getting the updates. (Previously, I've watched the
>updates logged in the Transcript as they happen).

No... I watched the whole thing, collapsed it, saved, restarted and so, 
opened... and then it crashed, burned and then died horribly ;-).

>I found that closing the offending Transcript works to get you out of
>the mess. Find the StandardSystemController in the debugger and do "self

Ahhh... I'll see.

>The thing that caught my attention is that it looks like the instance
>variables of the Paragraph had become inconsistent. (In my case) The
>"text" had a string with only two lines, whereas "lines" showed 4
>TextLineIntervals and "lastLine" was 4. Does this point to a basic
>problem with TransciptStream's use of Paragraph, or is my understanding
>of Paragraph off?

Well yes, like 1500 and so lines with lastIndex = 38...


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