14 new updates

Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Mon Jun 15 04:28:02 UTC 1998

On Sun 14 Jun, Dan Ingalls wrote:
> We have just put 14 new updates out on the external servers.  Here's a summary...
Just spotted a little buglet whilst fetching these updates:-

'From Squeak 2.0 of May 22, 1998 on 14 June 1998 at 9:27:09 pm'!
"Change Set:		commonreqs
Date:			14 June 1998
Author:			Tim Rowledge

The two entries in the common request strings were wrong - unimplemented messages. Here is a correction. Also makes the initializeCommonRequestStrings method up to date."!

!Utilities class methodsFor: 'common requests' stamp: 'TPR 6/14/1998 21:26'!
	"Initialize an array of common request strings.  2/1/96 sw
	 5/10/96 sw: converted over to new format of StringHolder
	TPR 6/14/1998 bring the initial strings up to date"

	CommonRequestStrings _ StringHolder new contents: 
'Utilities emergencyCollapse
Sensor keyboard
Cursor normal show
Utilities durableOpenMenu
Utilities durableWindowMenu
EToySystem openEToyWorkspace
SystemOrganization removeSystemCategory: ''UserObjects''.
EToySystem reclaimSpace
EToySystem loadEToyFromDisk
EToySystem newEToy
ScriptingSystem inspectFormDictionary
EToyParameters reenableCmdDot
WorldMorph new open
ProjectView open: Project newMorphic
Form fromUser bitEdit
Display border: (0 at 0 extent: 640 at 480) width: 2
Undeclared inspect
Undeclared removeUnreferencedKeys
Transcript clear
Utilities durableHelpMenu
Utilities durableChangesMenu
Utilities fontSizeSummary
Utilities absorbUpdatesWriteFiles: true ZapNums: true
Utilities absorbUpdatesWriteFiles: false ZapNums: false'

"Utilities initializeCommonRequestStrings"! !

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