Morphic question

Maloney johnm at
Fri Jun 5 15:29:33 UTC 1998

>Morphic question: Morph>>replaceSubmorph:by: calls "self autoLineLayout",
>but autoLineLayout is only implemented by PasteUpMorph.  Shouldn't there
>be a default Morph>>autoLineLayout?

Yes. Thanks!

>PS: Shouldn't something like this be implemented?
>Morph>>removeMorph: aMorph
>	self changed.
>	submorphs do: [:m | m = aMorph ifTrue: [m privateOwner: nil]].
>	submorphs _ submorphs copyWithout: aMorph.
>	submorphs size = 0 ifTrue: [submorphs _ EmptyArray].
>	self layoutChanged.

Not needed. Just do "aMorph delete".

	-- John

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