Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Thu Jun 18 17:06:42 UTC 1998

There are more to come, but these are all I could get out this morning.
	- Dan
Makes the wording of any object-ref tile show the possessive ending if and only if it is a slot-reference on the object.  Caution:  will not fix up old tiles that predate this fix, only applies to scripts created after this fix is present

Allows 'literal' tile to be torn off from an object whose value represents a literal, via its orange tear-off-tile halo handle.  The effect is most immediately seen in the viewer, where every value readout that represents a number, a boolean, a color, or a player, for example, will deliver a literal tile when you drag from its orange tear-off-tile handle.

Cleans up a variety of halo shortcomings, including:
  *  TextMorph text-editing handles relocated in order not to collide with rotate & help handle.
  *  Balloon help for halo handles is obtained from the handle's event handler rather than
          being inextricably and intractably correlated with the handle's color.
  *  Tweaks for positions and colors of halos.
  *  Tear-off-tile handle is readily touchable in all circumstances now.

Provides one method that inadvertently got omitted from haloTweaks-sw

Modified posting of damage regions in SystemWindow display, resulting
	in substantially faster window activation for Morphic development.
Transitory world menu no longer shows after returning through a project window.
Resolution of project thumbnail is determined by the sole projectWindow.
Fixes single ChangeSorters so they update upon entry.

Makes it possible to click on a window's label to activate it without moving it.
However a long click (still down after repaint) will result in grab for move.
Also slightly reorganizes SystemWindow.

Fixes bug in copy-player that had neglected to carry over the player-reference jump table properly

Fixes a small oversight in the copyRefMethods-sw update


Miscellaneous fixes to the base classes from Bill Dargel:
ChangeSorter >> chooseCngSet - fix up change made in 100ChangeSorterTweaks-di to select correct ChangeSet now that the order is 'reversed'.
MessageSet >> selectedMessageName - fix so that doing 'senders' (Cmd-n) in a MessageSet list when nothing is selected no longer gives a debugger.
String >> at:put: - Doing <<'abc' at: 4 put: $d>> would generate the error 'only integers should be used as indices'. This could be confusing especially for a newbe. Change it to report 'subscript is out of bounds: 4'.
ControlManager >> findWindowSatisfying: - Have it select the correct window when 'sortAlphabetically' is true (from having the shift key pressed). 
FileDirectory >> statsForDirectoryTree: - add a 'Cursor wait' and also use 'self pathNameDelimiter asString' rather than hardwired ':'.
Utilities class >> saveUpdate:onFile: - Fix it so the saves will actually occur independently of whether the #updateRemoveSequenceNum preference is true or false.

3 fixes from Leandro Caniglia

Bill Dargel's fix for jecel's problem

Andreas's fix with Bill Dargel's tweak.

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