Browser is baaaaaaad

Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Wed Jun 24 05:30:55 UTC 1998

Aside from the update stuff others have mentioned, I suggest that part of
the problem is that lists are relying upon _indices_ rather than _names_ to
access their contents.
Thus a list on the SystemOrganization which feels happily secure in
considering item 42 to be selected will be very disconcerted when a new
category is added in some other browser. Suddenly, item 42 is not where
it's at, the class list is now seriously discombobulated and all is

If, however, the category list were keyed by category _name_, and
considered 'System FooBar' the selection, then adding a new category would
cause no problem. This is pretty much how it worked in ST80v2.3+ etc.


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